Book Seat


Book Seat

Enjoy Hands-Free reading! 

The Book Seat is a unique design that will mould and shape to sit at any angle on any surface. Polystyrene beans inside allow it to snuggle into any position, making reading in bed more comfortable than ever before. No more cold or aching hands. It can even be moulded so you can read on your side.

The Book Seat can mould and shape to sit on the arm of your favourite chair. Or almost anywhere! No more aching arms or wrists whilst reading - The Book Seat alleviates the discomfort associated with holding a book for extended periods of time.

It can even be used for your iPad, Tablet or Kindle!

There are 3 main benefits of The Book Seat;

  • It will mould to any surface and position
  • It will take any sized book
  • And you can read HANDS FREE!


  • Beans inside The Book Seat adjust to any surface (flat or uneven
  • The Book Seat is designed to take any sized book
  • Perspex Page Holder - ensures pages of the book remain open, keeping your hands-free.
  • Handy pocket - for reading glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, pens or your favorite chocolate bar.
  • High quality - The material is the latest high quality 190gsm faux-suede. This material is very tactile and highly stain resistant.
  • Loop (Handle) - for storing on door handle, bed post or for carrying to beach.
  • Multifunctional. The Book Seat™ can double as a travel pillow; in a car, bus, plane or napping at the beach.


Available in red or blue. 

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